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AlwaysEco All Natural Pest Control was founded on the principle of "Do No Harm." We are the first pest control company in the U.S. to advocate 100% reliance on natural, safe pest control methods. We use only the highest quality, university tested, field proven, safe botanical pest control products available anywhere in the world today - fact. The dangerous, poisonous, synthetic toxic pesticides used by our competitors don't come close to the safety of our products and our products are just as effective at controlling the same broad spectrum of disease causing, unsanitary insect invaders, but do not place you, your family and children, your pets, ground water, or the environment in danger of needless contamination and poisoning. As a safe pesticides manufacture, we developed powerful botanical insecticides that, in our field services, out perform even the leading brand of safe botanical. Our AlwaysEco FedExempt Quattro line of products is unmatched in botanical knockdown power, residual control, nest abatement.

We are the first commercially licensed pest control company to provide 100% toxin free rodent control as part of our standard service package. We also provide the first commercially available, 100% All Natural Termite Control program with 4-way termite action.

CEO: Dr. Mitchell
Our CEO is a renowned national speaker and trainer in the pest control industry traveling across America every year to teach pest control companies a better, safer way to service their customers. Dr. Mitchell is an award winning horticulturalist, a former Fortune 500 company trainer, ISA Certified Arborist, Master Gardener, Certified Tree Growth Regulator, a pest control operator on the east, west, and gulf coasts and has more than 18 state-level certifications in structural, residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional pest control. Dr. Mitchell has his BS in computer science, MBA in corporate law, and Ph.D. in computer/neuroscience, and is a former law intern and former U.S. Marine officer and Desert Storm war veteran. In 2008, Dr. Mitchell performed the largest (unofficial as of now) certified tree appraisal in history ($2.5 million) for one the world's largest family parks.

Dr. Mitchell spends his summers in the field knocking on doors and spreading the message of safe pest control to homeowners all across the U.S. Just like his subordinates, he tackles the scorching hot sun to save the lives of children by informing their parents of the nefarious acts of the pest control companies the parents once trusted. He has personally spoken with tens of thousands of homeowners during his 15-year career working in and with the pest control industry. As a former Director of Corporate Affairs for a national pest control franchise, he saw first-hand the unfathomable lack of understanding of pesticides - even a well-known pesticide used in most homes in the U.S. poisoned him accidentally. Because Dr. Mitchell started in top management in the pest control industry, he saw the horrible ruse and the egregious untruths that filtered down to the technicians that carried out the deeds of their poisoning-for-profit employers.

"How many deaths does it take to bring an end to the spraying of toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides inside homes, schools, and parks, and in places where your children, loved ones, and pets frequent... JUST ONE - the CEO's Mother."

Dr. Mitchell lost his mother and best friend to pesticide related breast cancer. After that crushing blow to his soul - an event that shook his life to its core, he made her a promise posthumous to put an end to the needless destruction of our environment through the poisoning-for-profit practiced by most pesticide manufacturers and almost all of the pest control companies in the U.S. He refuses to allow pest control companies and their poison-maker puppet masters to ruin the environment for his children and the children of the community, or sponsor with impunity the deaths of unsuspecting good people. Dr. Mitchell sends a strong undeterred message to the pest control industry;

"My mother unknowingly gave her life so that I could someday bring you this message;
If you can't eat it; you had better not spray it... NOT ON MY WATCH!"

Dr. Mitchell has a zero-tolerance policy with those that spray poisons around people and pets; as it stands, his message is getting across. Yet he is prepared to go to the highest levels of industry, serve as an industry expert for our customers, speak to community organizations, and help stop the chronic poisoning and preventable deaths of Americans in what he refers to as "the biggest organized crime syndicate and healthcare fraud in U.S. history... the manufacturing, sale, and application by pest control companies of toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides with impunity".

Through personal delivery of his teachings, even a local Texas pesticide maker now has read Rachel Carson, promotes her teachings on their international website, and sells their safe, organic products with greater enthusiasm than ever before. He commends them.

Dr. Mitchell was recently selected to represent his city in the Cambridge Who's Who directory of executive professionals for 2010/2011.

Vice President: Lisa Kolb
Mrs. Kolb is 3rd generation pest control with nearly 40 years family history in the Texas pest control industry, is an award winning customer retention expert, ranked in the top 10 nationwide with her previous firm as a relationship representative, a former regional trainer in customer retention for the past 12 years, and is a Master Docent on the Battle Ship Texas for Texas Parks and Wildlife. Mrs. Kolb has experienced within her own family the effects of pesticide related cancer when an uncle in Texas that had repeated exposure to pesticides for many years developed non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Mrs. Kolb has gone door to door sharing the message of safe pesticides with thousands of families from Houston to Austin, Texas. She trains our Environmental Stewards and our Environmental Technicians in safe pest control services as well as manages our human resources department.

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