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Maintaining the health and vigor of your landscape trees is an important task. Just one well-placed mature shade tree could add up to $15,000 to the value of your home in certain areas.

At AlwaysEco, we use top of the line equipment designed specifically for the arboricultural industry. We use state-of-the-art injection systems that prevent waste and protect other garden plants from excess applications of our safe organic fertilizers or our safe all-natural non-toxic pesticides. We use eco-friendly pump systems that are 100% electric, quiet, and neighborhood friendly. Every part of our arbor care service is "Safe Around Children And Pets."

Proper Fertilization
Many tree owners fertilize to solve tree health problems. But did you know that fertilizing may sometimes make the problem worse - especially when you use synthetic fertilizers? Over fertilizing, fertilizing with synthetics, or fertilizing your trees during times of stress could actually make your trees more susceptible to disease and insect infestation. Synthetic fertilizers rob your soil of important organic content that your trees use for bartering with other organisms for nutrients, oxygen, and water. This bartering process is called a symbiotic soil relationship and is vital to the soil food web. In some cases, your entire tree may exfoliate in response to over-fertilizing to prevent excess metabolic uptake - especially oak trees (Quercus). Professional arbor care requires a licensed, insured, bonded, trained, experienced and traveled professional to diagnose and medically tree disease symptoms properly.

Our professional arbor care services:
  1. Protect pedestrians, vehicles, and structures from potential dangers posed by unhealthy or structurally compromised trees
  2. Protect the tree from harm
  3. Preserve the natural habit of the tree
  4. Prevent re-infestation
  5. Prevent the spread of disease or insects to other plant species
  6. Preserve or enhance property value
We provide cosmetic tree surgery, scaffold branch cabling, light pruning for disease control, root pruning, and canopy thinning for residential shade trees. We provide deep root fertilization, root zone aeration, systemic feeding, and systemic disease control. We can feed your trees with special hypodermic tools for instant "green up" and "leaf out" assistance without disturbing your soil or other plant species. If you require major pruning, tree removal, or power line clearance services, we will supervise the project for you.

We are experts in oak-wilt disease, sudden oak death, and fusarium wilt. In fact, our Certified Arborist was invited to the Mayor's office for the City of Los Angeles to consult on solving the fusarium wilt problems for more than 2 million date palms in Los Angeles County, California.

Pesticides and Your Trees
More than a billion of pounds of synthetic pesticides rain down on the U.S. each year. Those pesticides also affect your trees and plants. Unlike mammals, trees and plants have little control over uptake and will absorb many different liquids - whether good for the tree or not. Synthetic pesticides poison trees either intentionally or unintentionally. A direct cambium injection, foliar application, or root zone injection of an herbicide/pesticide solution will kill the tree. However, maintenance sprays of synthetic pesticides alone poison the tree in all cases without exception. Some pesticides are phytotoxic, which means they are harmful to plant species. Others are not phytotoxic in that the pesticide will not kill the plant, but it would still poison the plant. Trees are indiscriminate in the uptake or feeding process except when dying due to intravascular blockages. You could liken trees and plants to infants - "everything goes into the mouth." Synthetic pesticides are a danger to otherwise healthy trees and landscape plants and should never be applied. The pesticides become foliar or systemic poisons to beneficial insects, pollinating bees, and predator insects. Additionally, even if it were true that active ingredients in many pyrethroid-based pesticides have short half-lives, the pesticide synergist does not - especially arsenic and cyanide. Increased levels of arsenic in plants cause plants to release trace amounts of arsine gas during transpiration. Essentially, the toxins in the tree become toxins in the air and your yard.

ISA Certified Arborist
AlwaysEco offers a recognized ISA Certified Arborist, Master Gardner, Rosarian, and Certified Tree Growth Regulator for all of your horticultural needs. Our Certified Arborist is the unofficial world-record holder for having completed the largest official tree appraisal in history for a national family park, providing 1,100 Certified Tree Appraisals and over 300 Certified Exotic Plant Appraisals, resulting in a multi-million dollar settlement with the insurance company (5 times more than the original offer before the appraisals). Our arborist provides tree and plant physiological reports, tree and plant disease diagnoses, and 100% organic remediation. One of few Plant Appraisers in the U.S., our arborist can help with tree and landscape damage reports for insurance purposes. He has served military bases and state entities in the areas of arboricultural consultation and disease vector control. Additionally, our Certified Arborist performed the verified Hazard Tree Assessment for 26 Regional Parks in California. The government authorized Hazard Tree Assessment prevented forest fires, saved lives, saved wildlife, and saved property. In private practice, our Certified Arborist served as Tree Warden for more than 400 trees for a national management firm, and has worked side-by-side with the nation's largest tree service and Southern California Edison for field studies on the effects of tree growth regulators (TGR's).

Your AlwaysEco Certified Arborist has studied, treated and evaluated trees from the mountainous regions of California to the coastal shores of Virginia to the rolling hills of Central Texas for clients. From prized Japanese Maple to awe-inspiring Southern Catalpa, your Certified Arborist specializes in east, west, and gulf coast varieties, to include all varieties of palm, pine, oak, maple, elm, eucalyptus, pear, citrus, plum, myrtle, sycamore; desert species such as mesquite, tamarisks, and verde, plains trees such as poplar and fir, coastal swamp species such as mountain gum and malaleuca, and high altitude species such as manzanita, lodge pole and torrey pine. We provide affordable consultations, accredited reports, disease and pathogen vector identification and remediation, and expert testimony for insurance purposes. Thus far, our Certified Arborist has never had an appraisal or recommendation over-turned or disputed by a state agency, insurance company, private firm, mangement company, or homeowner.

Lawn & Landscape Consultation
Turf varieties, competing species, soil composition, percolation rates, biotic content, pH, and numerous other factors affect the quality of your lawn. There is more to lawn care than spray fertilizer and mowing. Lawn care is environmental care because the entire environment contributes to your lawn. Our services provide lawn and turf insect and disease control, organic fertilization, soil remediation and balancing, compost and bacteria injections. We keep your lawn healthy, which means your lawn grows well, greens up quickly, and stays green all season. We never use harsh synthetic toxins or fertilizers that only deplete the soil of nutrients, trace minerals, and eventually end up in our water supply. With AlwaysEco, it's all natural all the time.

Weed Abatement
AlwaysEco offers physical labor services under the direct supervision and participation of the operator and the horticulturalist. Noxious weed control, common weeds control and removal, as well as nuisance and poisonous plant removal (such as oleander and arundo donax control) are available to residential and commercial customers. We use a combination of physical and non-toxic chemical abatement methods. Regardless of the service, AlwaysEco is all-natural all the time.

Beautiful Roses
Caring for your prized roses is an art, hobby, and a profession. Did you know that we can give your roses larger blooms, longer stems, and stronger canes with our organic services, professional consultation, and delicate pruning practices? Our Rosarian has pruned and demonstrated proper pruning techniques to hundreds of visitors for the antique, 100 year-old roses at the University of California Botanic Gardens. Our Rosarian trained under a Master Rosarian from the American Rose Society. We can help your roses bloom to their fullest potential, revive dying roses in some cases, and give you the best-looking rose-garden in your neighborhood at affordable quarterly rates.

Volunteer Arborist & Horticultural Services
If you manage a park, preserve, refuge, or open-space and you need a supervisor to instruct and supervise your volunteers in the proper planting of trees or roses, or provide a class on tree planting or rose planting and care, our Certified Arborist and our Certified Arborists' Apprentice would be happy to assist your group at no cost. Please make your request at least 30 days in advance.

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