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Safe Non-Toxic Bed Bug Control
Although bed bugs are not known to carry human pathogens, an infestation could cost you revenue and damage your reputation. Whereas other chemicals are so toxic that the EPA imposes a treatment interval, there are no such restrictions on our products. Because our bed bug control service is safe and non-toxic, we can treat your home or units as often as needed to control new infestations imported in luggage or clothing. There are no toxic residues and your liability is practically zero when we treat your home, apartments, hotel, office building, ship, airliner, or warehouse.

Fast Treatment - Fast Turnaround
Residential, commercial, apartment or hotel, our non-toxic bed bug program gets rid of those annoying little bloodsuckers the first time... every time. Our treatment penetrates every crack and crevice in walls, furniture, and bedding. We kill bed bugs fast and your unit is ready to occupy in about an hour. Thus, your revenue stream is continuous. We work with housekeeping, emergency services, and 24 hour on call.

Bed Bugs Are Good?
The bed bug resurgence is actually a good indicator of the health of our nation. Cancer causing toxic pesticides such as DursBan®, Chlordane®, and DDT® that once were the sole method of controlling bed bugs are no longer on the market as the EPA has since banned their use - and for good reason. Following the bans, the cancer rates coincidentally dropped in the U.S.(National Cancer Institute). Thus, bed bugs are a sign of better U.S. health and safety regardless of their annoying existence inside structures.

Previous Toxins Only Inoculated Bed Bugs!
The controversy rages on over bringing DDT back for bed bug treatments. The fact is that bed bugs developed a tolerance to DDT requiring even larger applications DDT poison with even more abysmal results. DDT was purportedly going to eradicate bed bugs; nature had a different plan and bed bugs evolved to a degree that allows them to excrete the toxin and survive repeated direct exposure. Those that survive breed resistant young… you get the picture. AlwaysEco is better and safer than DDT or any other toxin on the market today because bed bugs can not develop a resistance to our non-toxic 4-way killing power.

Safe Organic Pesticide Maker
AlwaysEco™ is an organic pesticide manufacturer as well as a pest management firm. We formulate our products to safely terminate active infestations and leave behind a safe residual deterrent. Each product in our line is an eviscerant, dessicant, terminant, repellant. We call it Quattro™ Action. In other words, bed bugs that hitch hike in luggage would rather stay in the luggage than take up residency in your unit. Thus, we minimize recurring infestations by making your units safe for humans but highly toxic to bed bugs. Furthermore, our products penetrate beg bug eggs to prevent much of the customary re-infestations you experience with other services that use botanicals with single-action kills or toxins with dangerous residuals.

We are Discreet
When we arrive, we set up inside the affected unit. We inspect and treat that unit. We move to adjoining units and repeat the process. At all times, our equipment remains inside the unit and we perform our service without bringing unwanted attention to the problem. In most cases, we pack our equipment in non-descript luggage and we look just like hotel guests. There are no big signs, bulky equipment or circus acts around your facility. Insofar as noise is concerned, our fumigation system is not much louder than a vacuum cleaner and thus, nothing seems outside of your ordinary housekeeping activities. After we complete the unit, wait approximately one hour, open the unit and allow fresh air to enter. You may then re-rent the unit. There are no toxins on surfaces or in the air. Our treatment program is 100% safe.

100% Guaranteed
We provide a 30-Day Written Warranty on every treatment inside hotels, lodges, schools, and daycare facilities, and a 90-Day Written Warranty for apartments, condominiums, and office structures.

If you want your bed bug problem solved safely, fast, efficiently, and discreetly, call us today and become bed bug free in about an hour. Lastly, because we manufacturer much of our safe pesticides, we pass those savings on to you; our bed bug control program is standard in all our packages and there are no additional fees to our regular pest control clients.

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