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Today, many pest control companies loosely use the words "customer care" to describe being on time, answering the phone, responding to emergencies or wearing a clean shirt. At AlwaysEco those are standard practices that need no special mentioning. True customer care however rests in the actual concern for the customer's well-being, health and safety. It is impossible to promote customer care if the pest control company sprays one drop of toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides anywhere on your property, or offers you some hybrid botanical/toxic trade-off with your life. Care is the last word I would use to describe that kind of environmental beligerence. What companies that spray toxins refer to as "care", we consider carelessness and environmental irresponsibility regardless of how the company applies the toxins or the spin they put on their service.

At AlwaysEco, customer care begins with caring about you, your family, your children and pets, and the environment by using only those products labeled "Safe Around Children And Pets." If the product label has a caution, warning, danger, or poison moniker, it will never make it into our warehouse and certainly never onto your property. Customer Care is about caring about your health first.

As part of our tangible customer care program, you receive a Hotline telephone number that we answer 24 hours a day. This is your private access to company personnel who are ready to handle any pest emergency you may have between services. In addition to your private hotline number, we keep accurate records of medical conditions of your family members so that we know which rooms to treat, which rooms to avoid, and which safe product to use. Additionally, our customer care program revolves around your schedule. There's no need to take time off. We will even schedule Sunday appointments should you desire. In a few weeks, you will have online access to your account information, treatment records, and billing statements. We care and we prove it.

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