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If you or a pest control company has ever sprayed any synthetic pesticides in or around your home, whether over the counter pesticides in a can or commercial grade poisons, we suggest a complete decontamination of your home. We remove as much of the poisons from the interior and exterior of your home or business as possible with specialized, environmentally sound products with mold remediation blend and some old-fashioned "elbow grease." We decontaminate baseboards, cupboards, cabinets, and apply our products to window tracks, door tracks, cracks and crevices inside your home. We thoroughly power wash the outside of your home with the same products to remove residues from eaves, walls, doors, foundation areas, sidewalks, driveways, and patios out to 3 feet. Afterwards, we professionally treat your home with our safe botanical products and special blended products that leave behind no toxic residue. If we can reasonably access an area believed to be contaminated with synthetic toxic pesticides, we will decontaminate that area, to include attics, basements, pantries, kitchen and bathrooms.

interior decontaminationDecontaminating your home is important. For us to remove the toxic pesticide residue that someone left behind on your home, we must first reconstitute the pesticide. This process liquefies the pesticide before making it inactive. For windows, baseboards, screens, and counters, we use low pressure applications and regular cleaning tools to protect surfaces from abrasions. We use a concentrated biodegradable solution under high pressure to help lift topical pesticides from stucco, brick, wood, stone, and hardy plank structures. Once we decontaminate your home, you will have far fewer toxic residues volatizing inside your home during winter months and we make your home a safer place for your family year round. Because our pest control license is untainted by prior use of toxins, we are motivated to get as much toxic residue out of your home as possible while being true to our origins of "All Natural - All The Time - No Synthetic Toxic Poisonous Pesticides Ever!"

After we complete your decontamination, you will notice that the air "feels" cleaner inside your home. This clean-air feeling is due in part to the ionization that occurs when our decontamination solution breaks down the enzymes in the toxic pesticides.
exterior high-pressure decontamination
Other pest control companies do not offer decontamination services because many of them are the cause of the contamination in and around your home (and millions more) in the first place.

Factual Statement With Supporting Documentation & Photographs:

Recently, a new client told us that he asked his pest control company what they had been spraying on his property and around his family.He was amazed to discover that no one at that company had any idea of what they had sprayed inside his home and around his small children. The receptionist didn't know, the apprentice didn't know - literally no one knew or perhaps refused to confess. Needless to say, he canceled with that company and AlwaysEco put the family on an Eco-Estate™ program with whole house decontamination. Further, during our inspection of that home, we noted gargantuan globs of toxic poisonous powders haphazardly blanketing the customers' attic. From our visual inspection of the substance, we determined that the product was Delta® Dust and that the previous pest control company had applied it carelessly, negligently, and recklessly in flagrant disregard for the health and safety of the homeowners and their children. It was so bad that the customer was unable to go into the attic without touching the globs of poisonous powders at the top of the stairs. It took us more than an hour to decontaminate the attic alone. Then, we noted the same poisonous powders under sinks and near pots and pans. We won't mention the name of the company here, but shame on you for the dangerous situation you created for that family and their toddlers.
End of Factual Statement

Our Professional Decontamination Service comes standard in our Eco-Estate start-up package.

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