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Safety Facts on Pest Control
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Fact #1
There is no safe way to apply admittedly unsafe toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides.

Fact #2
All toxic synthetic pesticides are ultra hazardous dangerous lethal poisons to children, pets, and the environment regardless of the "spin" a pest control company will put on the products they use.

Fact #3
Safe All-Natural Pest Control cost no more, and often times less than toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pest control companies

Fact #4
Safe All-Natural Pest Control from AlwaysEco is just as effective at controlling the same broad spectrum of insects as toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pest control services

Fact #5
Safe All-Natural Termite Control from AlwaysEco is more effective at controlling termites via its 4-way action, while toxic synthetic termiticide poisons only have two control methods

Fact #6
When a toxin-spraying pest control company fails to give you the actual label or warn you of the ultra-hazardous nature of the toxic pesticides before applying the toxins to your home or property, that company is Poisoning-by-Deceit.

Fact #7
If a pest control company collects money from you for spraying toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides in or around your home or business, or in places where children and pets frequent, their actions constitute Poisoning-for-Profit.

Fact #8
There has never been a need for toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides to control common insect species in and around homes, on crops, or inside public buildings.

Fact #9
Not one of the dozens of global toxic pesticide manufacturers have ever submitted a scintilla of proof that there has ever been a need for their poisonous cancer causing elixirs when safe all-natural harmless products do the same job without killing people, pets, wildlife or contaminating our water and air.

Fact #10
Safe Pest Control has existed for thousands of years and all of the ingredients are readily available.

Fact #11
So-called "Better Living Through Chemistry®" has created more than 100 different types of cancers, completely eradicated some important bird and insect species, causes birth defects, Autism, ADHD, and breast cancer. There is nothing "better" about toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides.

Fact #12
The reason your current pest control company refuses to disclose the dangers of their chemicals is because (i) the EPA is incompetent and conspires with toxic pesticide manufacturers to poison you, your family, and your food for the $40 billion the industry makes, and refuses to require absolute disclosure first, (ii) your life is worth a lot less than $40 billion to the EPA, toxic pesticide manufacturers, and your typical pest control companies, (iii) If the EPA ever admits that it has helped introduce these carcinogenic poisons to millions of people, then the federal government and agency heads would be liable for every pesticide-induced disease and death since the founding of the incredibly incompetent EPA. Consequently, for as long as the EPA exists, it would never demand public disclosure of the harmful ingredients because the EPA already knows what the ingredients are and how dangerous, harmful and deadly the synthetic pesticides are to people and especially children and the elderly in addition to domestic pets, wildlife, fish, water, air, and soil. fact!

Fact #13
Safe All-Natural Pest Control from AlwaysEco is "Safe Around Children, Pets & Environment."

CEO's Opinion
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should change its name to "Environmental Poisoning Advocate" (EPA).

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