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  • Are synthetic pesticides safe?

    • Answer :
      No - absolutely not! The textbook definition of safe is: "free from danger or the risk of harm..." by that globally accepted definition alone, toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides are unsafe. Then, the labels of those products carry a "signal" word such as Caution, Warning, Danger, and Poison. Signal words inform the person applying the toxin just how dangerous that pesticide really is and what personal protective equipment (PPE) he or she should wear when spraying the poison on your property. Finally, the labels of synthetic toxins usually read "Harmful to..." That says it all.

    Compared to AlwaysEco: Our professional services center around the exclusive use of products that are labeled "Safe Around Children And Pets." We make our own brand of safe products to control a wide variety of insects including mosquitoes, bedbugs, and termites. Our own brand is "Safe Around Children, Pets, & The Environment" and EPA Exempt. Next all of the products we purchase to supplement our brands are made from patented combinations of food grade ingredients, tree and plant oils. We denounce the use of persistent, toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides for any reason whatsoever. We can eat everything with which we treat your home. Should you, your child, your pets, or even a neighbor come in contact with our products in a treatment area, no harm, either acute or chronic will occur. Contact us toll free at 1(855) 259-2973 to schedule treatment or for your free in home consultation.

  • I tried to cancel with my pest contol company for using toxins on my property. They told me that they would start using botanicals and give me a discount rate. Should I accept their offer - what is your opinion?

    • Answer :
      No. In my professional opinion, switching you to botanicals now does nothing to compensate you for the previous and yet to be determined amount of potential harm to you, your family, your pets, and even your property value in some cases (as is the case with 30 million U.S. homes permanently contaminated by the termiticide chlordane). The fact is that your pest control company poisons-for-profit if they have ever used a single drop of synthetic toxins. The owners made conscious decisions on which pesticides to use and made their own cost analysis, purchased the pesticides, read the labels, mixed the pesticides, dispatched applicators to your home, and then applied the poison to your property and in places where your children and pets frequent for a fee. One national pest control super company refuses to use safe botanical products because the company believes that certain botanical products work too well to be profitable (we have the written proof). You see, your health has nothing to do with the decisions made by your pest control company or they would have never used toxins in the first place. Even an apology from them is worthless at this point. As it stands, there appears to be no statute of limitations for chronic poisoning from known synthetic toxins, and EPA registration of a pesticide does not exempt the manufacturer from liability for the human damage caused by the pesticide. Instead, it raises the question of negligence. Therefore, your claim may be strongest when you distance yourself from the company that sprayed the poisons - friendships and loyalties aside. By distancing yourself from the poison sprayer now, you may also prevent them from raising the argument that they somehow mitigated your loses by switching you to safe products to which you agreed. The fact is that your home and land has been contaminated, and according to the toxicology of the current pesticides, will remain contaminated for many years (unless you decontaminate). You walk in poison and breath poisonous fumes whether you know it or not. Do not sign a waiver of liability or accept a refund with conditions or settlement clauses. I have personally witnessed big pest control outfits try to maneuver the customer into verbal and written settlement agreements. I personally know a pest control operator that literally started a whole new botanical pest control company in his wife's name to avoid the legal fallout of his past poison spraying activities once we taught him about pesticides and the harm he was causing to his customers. Nevertheless, I have yet to see the legal outcome of using a settlement agreement with a layperson to avoid litigation and I do not believe the "shell" games with company names is going to work out too well either. The courts consider such practices unconscionable. As a pest control industry expert, I foresee a major class action in the making - so do not settle, do not let them switch products on you - end the relationship quickly and talk to your attorney. If you fail to distance yourself now, you may lose important rights and claims not only for yourself, but also for your children and your grandchildren. Switching to AlwaysEco All Natural Pest Control is proof positive that you attempted to mitigate your own harm and could go a long way in a court of law. Get a thorough physical examination for everyone in your household. Some of the pesticides used today have mutagenic affects. That is, the pesticides may change genes resulting in birth defects. Secondly, sterility is a known result in the male offspring of laboratory rats that were fed a diet including certain pesticides. Pesticides cause breast cancer. Thus, it may take a generation for you to see the final damage. There exist too many health concerns that could affect your family or even your grandchildren in the future to risk shouldering the medical expenses on your own while the pesticide manufacturers pocket $10 billion a year and pest control companies pocket $6.5 billion (U.S. Census Bureau 2002). A prime example of why you should not let them switch you to a different product group and why you should simply fire them is the May 17, 2010 medical news bulletin that proved that pesticides cause ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in children. This is my non-legal opinion and does not constitute legal advice, and you should talk to your own attorney about this issue. However, insofar as the pesticides are concerned, my statements are matters of fact based on my experience, education, and multi-state licensure as a pest control operator and industry expert.

    Compared to AlwaysEco: Because our products are labeled "Safe Around Children And Pets," and because our products are derived from plant and tree oils that only act on the nervous system of insects, your family avoids all the dangers presented by other companies when you use AlwaysEco to care for your home. There are no known cases of our products ever causing illness. Our products are all EPA Exempt and Generally Recognized As Safe. Insects cannot develop a tolerance to our products, which is exactly what nature intended. Thus, our applications work every time to control nuisance insect populations ranging from fire ants to mosquitoes. With regular maintenance, we create an invisible insect barrier around your home. Contact us toll free at 1(855) 259-2973 to schedule treatment or for your free in home consultation.

  • My technician wore gloves and a face mask when he sprayed my house. Why don't I have to wear it too?

    • Answer :
      In part because most pest control companies will not show you the label of the poison they spray in your house; they usually conceal the label and never let you see it. Most of the "Caution, Warning, Danger" labeled products require that the person spraying the poison wear boots, long sleeve shirt, eye protection, rubber gloves, and sometimes even a respirator. The fact is, the poison while still in the canister is not a threat to you directly. When your pest control company releases the poison into your home or yard, by the Federal Law Governing strict compliance with the label, YOU SHOULD WEAR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING FROM THEN ON! Next, if you knew how dangerous those liquid leachates were, you would not let them spray your house in the first place. Honestly, you should wear protective clothing, rubber gloves, and a respirator everyday thereafter. The real reason I surmise is that the EPA sold you out to pesticide makers. By my calculations, your life is worth about $330 dollars per pesticide made in America if you account for the cost to make a pesticide and have it approved for sale by EPA - roughly a million dollars divided into the number of people in the U.S. Thus, pesticide manufactures essentially pay $330 per pesticide, per person to poison every man woman and child in the U.S. with resolute impunity. At that rate, with that kind of investment, poison makers can prevent as much disclosure as needed so that the poison makes its way into your home, blood, food, and water. Ergo, your pest control company will never tell you to dress in a HazMat suit because that just wouldn't be profitable for the pest control company or the poison manufacturer; and your life is only worth about $330 per pesticide produced according to the numbers. Finally, if a pesticide manufacturer puts 10 pesticides on the market, the manufacturer has essentially purchased from the EPA the right to poison you for $3,300. For a family of five, the pesticide manufacturer essentially invests $16,500 upfront for the so-called privilege of poisoning your family. Those hefty expenditures supersedes your right to know what is in the poison and therefore, they can keep their poisonous ingredients secret which prevents the medical professional from raising the alarm to congress. Furthermore, pesticide manufacturers convince state authorities to only require that pest control companies give you the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), which is worthless information for homeowners. You want the actual specimen label.

    Compared to AlwaysEco: You are never at risk with AlwaysEco and therefore you need no specialized clothing. In fact, walk barefoot freely inside your home or in your yard or let your infant or toddler enjoy your soft carpeting because our products are labeled "Safe Around Children And Pets." We can treat your kitchen while you cook. We can treat your cupboards without you removing your dishes. Yet, we control the insects. You may notice that your Eco-Technician will wear gloves and sometimes a face mask. This is because we have numerous homes to treat each day and gloves reduce the fragrance of the botanicals on our hands. Insofar as the facemasks are concerned, we thoroughly treat the eaves of your home and product tends to drip in our faces. Contact us toll free at 1(855) 259-2973 to schedule treatment or for your free in home consultation.

  • A salesman for a pest control company told me the product was based on chrysanthemum and that it was safe. Is that true?

    • Answer :
      No. Many companies deploy seasonal workers that knock on doors and mislead homeowners. The "based on chrysanthemum" ruse is merely an illegal disguise for synthetic pyrethroids that are nothing more than dangerous pesticides purportedly based on plant insecticidal properties. Pyrethrums are toxic to insects and mammals. The problem is that the pyrethroid is bad enough, but the other chemicals such as arsenic and cyanide that pesticide makers add to the product to make it even more deadly to insects, makes it even more deadly to you. Pyrethroids are not plants... they are the ill conceived chemicals of pesticide makers. Pyrethroids are not selective. An insect or your child or your pet will suffer from contact with pyrethroids.

    Compared to AlwaysEco: For a pesticide to earn the right to put "Safe Around Children And Pets" on the label, it cannot have any form of pyrethrum nor petroleum distillates in its formulation. At AlwaysEco All Natural Pest Control, there are no pyrethrum ingredients in our products. There are no petroleum based additives in our products either. Our products are all labeled "Safe Around Children And Pets" because our products are "Safe Around Children And Pets." Contact us toll free at 1(855) 259-2973 to schedule treatment or for your free in home consultation.

  • The technician told me that once the poison dried it was safe; is that true?

    • Answer :
      No. Synthetic pesticides are equally as dangerous dry as when wet. The dried poison only helps you forget that it's there. You lower your guard and take few precautions (such as decontaminating your house). The dried toxin is still poisoning you through dermal contact or inhalation of the guaranteed vapors, or possibly through ingestion of the pesticides as in the cases of children and pets. The synthetic toxins must have a residual killing effect to be "useful." Therefore, the toxin continues to poison insects and mammals that unfortunately have been exposed to it or breathe the constantly vaporizing fumes.

    Compared to AlwaysEco: Whether wet or dry, if you touch it or inhale the fragrance, all of our products are labeled "Safe Around Children And Pets," specifically act on the nervous system of insects, and have no adverse effects on people or pets. Contact us toll free at 1(855) 259-2973 to schedule treatment or for your free in home consultation.

  • I asked my technician to show me the pesticide label. He said he didn't have one. What should I do?

    • Answer :
      Fire your pest control company. Decontaminate your house. Report the company and the technician to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Texas Department of Agriculture. Hire an attorney. Get a thorough physical with a complete blood panel.

    Compared to AlwaysEco: Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure... three words that we live by. At AlwaysEco we get excited about showing you our labels because all of our products are labeled "Safe Around Children And Pets." We have nothing to hide and we are proud to bring our safe product line to your home. Just in case, we also bring the poison labels that other companies refuse to show you. Contact us toll free at 1(855) 259-2973 to schedule treatment or for your free in home consultation.

  • The technician said the synthetic pesticide won't hurt my infant. Should I believe her.

    • Answer :
      No. The active ingredient in the most commonly used pesticides by pest control companies (not AlwaysEco of course) could kill or cause permanent neurological damage to your infant. Never let anyone spray synthetic pesticides near your home or yard; especially when you have an infant or toddler.

    Compared to AlwaysEco: Our products are all labeled "Safe Around Children And Pets." Even though all of our products are safe, we take extra precautions around infants such as being very careful when treating a nursery room to avoid overspray. We also open windows to reduce the amount of fragrance in the air. We will not use our safe dusts or aerosols in a nursery unless you specifically request us to do so. Contact us toll free at 1(855) 259-2973 to schedule treatment or for your free in home consultation.

  • My house was sprayed today. The pesticide dried but then it rained. Should I be concerned?

    • Answer :
      YES! If the pest control company did the usual quick cheap localized spray, the rain served to disperse the poison to every part of your exterior where the rainwater flowed or splashed. Here is why. The emulsifiers in most pesticides help the poison penetrate dense surfaces. The emulsifiers also make the pesticide more fluid. The rain merely "re-wet" the already dangerous poison and helped it spread away from the original point of contamination. Therefore, walking in your yard could be the equivalent of taking a leisurely stroll through a toxic dump. You will track the poison into your home and into areas not previously and directly contaminated by the technician. At the minimum, take off your shoes before entering your home and keep your children and pets indoors and away from any standing water in your yard. The chance of that water containing pesticides is high.

    Compared to AlwaysEco: With our standard safe-labeled products, rainwater will reduce the concentration and the product will simply go back to nature through soil absorption. With our blended safe mixes, rainwater actually reactivates the product to give even longer lasting protection with a product labeled "Safe Around Children And Pets." Contact us toll free at 1(855) 259-2973 to schedule treatment or for your free in home consultation.

  • My technician said the rain would dilute the pesticide. That sounds right to me?

    • Answer :
      Not quite... From a common sense perspective, you would expect the rain to dilute a water-soluble pesticide. The truth is that the rain only dilutes the active ingredient. Even then, the rain did not destroy the active ingredient; the rain merely reduced the concentration at the origin of initial contamination. According to pesticide labels, the point of contamination now has too little active ingredient (or base toxin) to be "effective". Thus, the technician returns to your home and lays down another band of poison. The active ingredient is toxic to be sure, but not nearly as harmful as the synergists mixed with the active ingredient to make the poison even more deadly, less likely to be detoxified by insects or mammals, and more persistent in the environment. You cannot dilute the synergists in pesticides. Synergists such as cyanide are tightly bound to molecules of iron, hydrogen, and carbon. In this formula 2 RCN + LiAlH4 + (second step) 4 H2O ? 2 RCH2NH2 + LiAl(OH)4 (under reflux in dry ether, followed by addition of H2O), the cyanide synergist becomes active and functional with the addition of water... any water! Thus, the rain did not dilute the pesticide; the rainwater spread the pesticide's synergist to previously uncontaminated areas. The synergists continue to replicate and expand. This is evident by the spraying of toxins containing a particular synergist on a farm in the U.S. and having that same synergist show up in ground water in the United Kingdom years later where no spraying took place. (Reference: Toxicological Profile for Cyanide, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, July 2006).

    Compared to AlwaysEco: Rainwater instantly dilutes our standard safe-labeled products. Again, rainwater reactivates our blended safe mixes to give even longer lasting protection from products labeled "Safe Around Children And Pets." Contact us toll free at 1(855) 259-2973 to schedule treatment or for your free in home consultation.

  • I'm confused. My technician said that the EPA wouldn't let him spray the pesticide if it were dangerous to my family. You say the opposite. What am I to believe?

    • Answer :
      The EPA does not test pesticides they merely approve them. The EPA accepts what the poison maker says about the pesticide as fact (until people start dying). Unlike the FDA that conducts its own tests before approving consumable, edible or cosmetic goods, the EPA has no such protocol. The EPA registers pesticides in much the same way that your Department of Motor Vehicles registers cars; "If you have the money and the car - we'll register it for use - but we do not test the steering to ensure that it works, that's up to you." Furthermore, the EPA did not authorize your technician to spray anything. The EPA only approved unfortunately, the pesticide for sale and use according to label directions. The EPA ensures that adequate warnings are on the label... you know, the label the technician will not give to you. Thus, if your technician makes that claim, he is in violation of state and federal labeling law regarding false claims of safety and you should fire him and his employer immediately. If you still have reservations about my answer, call the EPA yourself and ask them which tests they performed on __________________ synthetic pesticide and is the pesticide safe for use inside your home.

    Compared to AlwaysEco: Our products are exempt from registration with the EPA because all of the ingredients are "Generally Recognized As Safe" (GRAS), and all of the ingredients are food grade. Much of the ingredient base could be found in the average household kitchen. If a product requires registration with the EPA because of its ingredients, then the product is automatically unsafe. The EPA does not endorse any pesticide, unsafe or safe. Therefore, our products are labeled "Safe Around Children And Pets" because of the harmless non-toxic ingredients used to make the products. Contact us toll free at 1(855) 259-2973 to schedule treatment or for your free in home consultation.

  • Why won't all pest control companies use safe botanical products like your company does?

    • Answer :
      MONEY! Pesticide manufacturers invest billions to produce their billions of pounds of liquid and powdered death elixirs. They have lobbyists on Capitol Hill and all but control the EPA. Because of that, they are free to solicit pest control companies and even children with colorful and woefully incomplete product labels for the toxic garbage that ends up inside your home, schools, and restaurants. If cigarette makers advertised their poisons to children in the same manner that big pest control companies and pesticide manufacturers target children, many tobacco executives would already be in federal prison. Then, there is the matter of economics. Pest control companies buy the synthetic toxins at enormous discounts, which mean that poisoning you is a very profitable business for them and the pesticide manufacturers make it possible. Yet another reason is that botanical products seem to work so well at controlling bugs, that big pest control companies would lose money by protecting your health. Then another reason is that pesticide poison makers give great classes on how to use their poisons and how to market their poisons to homeowners like you.

    Compared to AlwaysEco: We always use products that are "Safe Around Children And Pets" when we service your home, school, or business regardless of our cost for safe products. Yet, we charge about the same rates as those companies that prefer to put poison around your family. Contact us toll free at 1(855) 259-2973 to schedule treatment or for your free in home consultation.

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