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AlwaysEco is a bold, fresh company with experienced leadership. We are uncompromising in our mission to rid Texas and the U.S. of all toxic pesticides sprayed by pest control companies. We accomplish that mission from the bottom up. Our relentless approach puts pest control companies on notice and brings a measure of healthy services to the homeowners that trust us to Do No Harm.

AlwaysEco is aggressive. Our Environmental Stewards are well trained in our proprietary and nationally sought after training program. Stewards attend a full 90-day training and education program that includes nearly 80 hours in the classroom, volumes of learning and demonstration tools, medical research data, and the intense study of all major pesticides and pesticide labels in the industry. Our stewards spend several weeks making direct contact with homeowners under supervision of our national pest control trainer and lead steward. During contact, we critically observe our steward's customer interactivity, message delivery skills, presentation skills, medical knowledge, and use of their knowledge base and product labels. We test our stewards to ensure that each of them is proficient in the health issues surrounding the use of poisonous pesticides by uninformed pest control companies. We are a serious lot with a serious message to deliver.

Because the EPA refuses to deny introduction of the harmful toxins produced by the pesticide manufacturers, private industry must take on the challenge to end their rein of terror over American health and well-being. Pesticide manufacturers own our health, more so than any Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in the world. Their products cause cancer and death and the government grants immunity. No American knowingly extinguished his or her rights to good health so that pesticide manufacturers could contaminate every square centimeter of the earth. The EPA has failed miserably in reining in the pesticide manufacturers and of course, we are too small to compete fairly in a pugilistic exhibition with the manufacturers. However, we are just the right size to acquire the customers of the pest control companies that purchase and spray the poison in homes, schools, and other places where children and pets frequent with no regard for the health and safety of the occupants.

Our mission is undeterred by industry associations or dubious "green" credentials that serve only to confuse and mislead consumers, as well as to deflect attention away from the real problem - toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides. We accomplish our mission each day by informing homeowners, school administrators, and businesses directly of the harmful toxins sprayed, misted, and dusted onto their properties by their pest control companies. We provide irrefutable medical facts, facts compiled by the EPA, National Institute of Health, and medical doctor's worldwide. The undisputed facts drive our business model and drive toxin sprayers out of our communities - forever.

Pest contol companies that spray the toxins in homes and schools are so deeply entrenched in the culture of synthetic poisons that change for them will be difficult and costly. Yet, as we infiltrate more and more of the market usually reserved for the toxin spraying pest control companies, those companies will stop spraying toxins in fear of losing their entire businesses and we force them to face the inevitable legal repercussions from their undeniably negligent chronic poisoning of our citizens and our children for decades; they will stop purchasing toxins and diminish the demand in the supply and demand chain - thereby forcing poison manufacturers to reduce production of their poisons - forcing pesticide manufacturers to limit introduction of newer more deadly poisons. We foresee that within 10 years, our efforts will force the total elimination of toxic pesticides in homes, schools, and businesses in the United States for fear that AlwaysEco will come knocking. Neither the EPA nor the FDA can accomplish from their lofty perches what AlwaysEco will accomplish being on the ground and on the doorsteps face-to-face with those effected by the poison spraying activities. Where the government has failed to prevent the introduction of toxins into our environment and protect the citizens from known and suspected carcinogens, AlwaysEco has picked up the guidon and carries it forward.

Your confidence in our mission will prove itself a justifiable recourse for an industry horribly off course, and that further causes widespread chronic illness by contaminating an estimated *100 million U.S. households; slowly poisoning the occupants - turning land and structures into toxic dumps. We are here to change all of that by talking to just one homeowner at a time. Our successful program has saved countless lives across America and encouraged thousands of homeowners to reevaluate the pest control industry. Please contact us for more information.

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