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Mission Objectives
Our mission objectives are to: convert homeowners and business from toxic pesticide applications to safe pesticide applications; prevent deceptive use of the terms "eco" and "green" in relation to pest control services offered by pest control companies and challenge any such use of the terms when an organization purchases, warehouses, handles, applies, or promotes toxic synthetic pesticides that carry an EPA Registration Number on the label; continuously petition the Environmental Protection Agency to make a ruling on the use of the terms "eco" and "green"; to convince so-called "green" certification program operators such as the NPMA and QualityPro® to use the term "green" for programs void of any toxins at all; petition states attorney's general to regulate organizations that offer purported "eco" or "green" certification programs; relentlessly petition state pesticide authorities to require that all pesticide labels be given to the homeowner, school, or business prior to each application of a toxic pesticide and that the consumer be required to sign for each label prior to each application of toxic pesticides; prevent application of toxic pesticides in the absence of the consumer or his/her representative; petition state pesticide authorities to require that any location contaminated by a toxic pesticide application be visibly marked with the same warning that appears on the pesticide label; remove or caused to be removed one-hundred percent of the toxic synthetic pesticides used in schools; petition state and federal authorities to restrict sales of over-the-counter pesticides to individuals over the age of 18-years and require that toxic synthetic pesticides be locked away in a manner similar to how spray paints are secured in retail outlets; create public awareness for the life-threatening health dangers that children encounter from exposure to toxic pesticides inside the home, at school, and on lawn and playground equipment surfaces in parks; educate other pest control operators via our expert training tools and online organic skill development programs; operate the EcoCertified certification program that distances non-toxic businesses from businesses that persist in using antiquated methods that involve toxic synthetic pesticides; stop the toxic pesticide manufacturers and their pesticide applicators from poisoning-for-profit every man, woman, child, animal, plant, and water source in the United States; never relent in the execution of this mission.

How We Accomplish Our Mission
AlwaysEco accomplishes its mission by taking its message of safe pesticides, safe pest control practices and integrated pest management directly to homeowners and businesses. We acquire residential and commercial pest control customers by converting them. Customers appreciate our sincerity, knowledge, and expertise. We decontaminate homes and businesses to remove toxic pesticide residues left behind by toxin spraying pest control companies. We represent homeowners and businesses as their pesticide consultant, provide expert witness testimony at no charge, and write refund letters on their behalf for unlawful pesticide practices. Our pesticide consultant services have been successful in getting refunds over $1,000 for our customers. Insofar as residential customers are concerned, we focus on communities that demographically fit a profile for children and pets. We send our trained Environmental Stewards into these communities to knock on doors, solicit, and engage homeowners in conversations about their pest control needs, current pest control vendors, and their understanding of the dangers of toxic synthetic pesticides. Our stewards use our powerful presentation system that took 15 years to perfect. Our presentation system delivers the dynamic information that prospective customers need to make informed decisions. Our stewards are trained never to denigrate, but to truthfully and factually educate regardless of the name or brand associated with the undisputed facts. When it pertains to statements of facts, AlwaysEco shall and does state the facts without equivocation. We shall continue to write to elected officials, state pesticide authorities, and the EPA requiring stricter controls on the use and applications of toxic synthetic pesticides. There are several aspects of pesticide use and application that we address to include the availability of pesticides to under-aged purchasers, the deceptive advertising and colorful labels on the incredibly dangerous and toxic pesticide canisters on store shelves, the impossible to read small print and warnings on retail pesticide canisters, the lack of any formal training in the handling of toxic pesticides, the inadequate requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on retail pesticide canisters in comparison to the PPE requirements on similar products with similar ingredients for commercial use, the complete lack of disclosure of the hundreds of dangerous carcinogenic ingredients in the pesticides consumers purchase or that operators apply to the homes of consumers and businesses; the lack of disclosure prior to an application of toxic synthetic pesticides; the deceptive manner by which a great number of pest control companies allude to safety by failing to warn of the actual dangers clearly noted on the pesticide labels; the use of inert ingredients that are listed by OSHA as cancer causing or even restricted when used in other toxic chemicals; the ease by which an apprentice can become licensed to purchase, mix, load, and apply toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides in Texas; and the complete lack of oversight into the practices of applying poison without disclosure or warning or adequate training or adequate educational background.

The Expected Results
In our professional opinions, homeowners will realize the value of our safe pest control services, disassociate themselves from toxin spraying pest control companies, and refrain from purchasing the pesticide poisons on store shelves. The relentless pressure on government and state authorities to revisit their dangerously incomplete policies will ultimately precipitate improvement in toxic pesticide and licensing regulations; will give more disclosure and notices to consumers and warn consumers about the dangers of pesticides in much the same way that state attorney's general warn consumers about the dangers of cigarette smoking. Grocers and retailers will reevaluate their display policies and take it upon themselves to secure pesticides away from children and prevent underage purchasing. Further grocers and retailers may opt to discontinue brands that carry caution, warning, danger, or poison labels in favor of safe labeled pest control products that protect their purchasers from harm such as the AlwaysEco™ FedExempt™ Quattro™ safe pesticide product line of liquid concentrates, dusts, and granules. Community organizations and media would assist in spreading the message to schools and businesses at the grass roots level, making each community "green" in its own right thereby pressuring toxin spraying pest control companies to completely change their product lines, pay damages to aggrieved consumers and model their business along the AlwaysEco proven model that has already changed the policies of pest control companies and pesticide manufacturers throughout the United States. We foresee mass migration of consumers and businesses to the AlwaysEco Safe Pest Control Program. Other so-called "green" certification programs for pest control companies will adopt our model and desist from further deceptive practices that tend to mislead consumers or practices that offer almost no humanitarian values. We further anticipate that more businesses and pest control companies will choose to work hard towards achieving Eco Certification through our firm - the most outspoken and educated advocate on safe pest control practices for the pest control industry.

This mission is approved and endorsed on behalf of the general public and children by:

AlwaysEco, Inc.
A Texas Corporation

By: Dr. M.F. Mitchell
Chief Executive Officer

By: L. Kolb
Vice President

By: Board of Directors
via Power of Attorney and Proxy Letter

Written September 2005
Endorsed May 2010

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