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As I jog through the park - my age showing in my fatigue, I notice a young mother smiling pushing her small child along the cobble path in a rather expensive stroller. Just 20 feet away, a man dressed in municipal green sprays a chemical on bushes along the path. The man did not stop spraying as the stroller approached and the mother did not pause to avoid the spray drift - the baby has no control of either. Whether herbicide, pesticide or a combination of the two, three people were in immediate danger and I was powerless to stop what had already been done. As the mother briskly walked past the worker with his backpack of toxic chemicals, I sighed relief and hoped that the wind was in the young mother's favor today. In the back of my mind, I know that what she may have avoided moments ago will be unavoidable on her dinner table tonight. There is no way out; no reprieve from the onslaught of poisons; you must get your daily dose of poison because the pesticide manufacturers pay the EPA millions for the unlawful right to poison every living organism in the country. A global movement to stop the poisoning has gripped our nation and forced congress to call out the EPA on its secretive deals, double-dealings with toxin makers, and deathly non-disclosure. I am but one man, the leader of this firm and tasked with taking this message to thousands - warning of the danger - trying to save lives - succeeding most days. I am third generation military, a former U.S. Marine officer. I don't know how to quit. I must complete this mission to save lives even if it takes the rest of mine to do so. I know that I have protected generations of children by helping protect just one child today. I have a worthy mission and I make my mission part of my being - the essence of my existence - my call to arms. An army of my nemesis out number me 30,000 to 1, but I have helped save thousands of lives over the years and each life may create four more healthy ones. Therefore I have the greatest army - the army of proof.

Unlike other outfits in pest control, we did not start AlwaysEco because we thought we could spray pesticides better or smile bigger or be friendlier than our competitors could to get your business. As the CEO of the first pest control company in America to fight against the very industry in which it is licensed, AlwaysEco is somewhat a "baptism by fire" original. It was personal losses and near death encounters with pesticides that opened our eyes to the problem. We started AlwaysEco so that we could save lives by fighting from the inside of the industry for safe pesticides versus having our truth projectiles deflected by organizations such as the EPA and the NPMA that shield toxic pesticide makers from the American layperson. These agencies and organizations are furious that "one of their own" has gone off the ranch and started a movement to save lives and protect the American public from the 1 billion pounds of toxic pesticides that fetch $40 billion a year and keep them painfully employed. We have been told by state agencies to "back off" and that "someone high up sent me." Our answers to these requests are simply that we will not back off and the "higher up" should have come himself. These agencies may argue with the layperson and win, but they cannot argue against licenses that they issue, especially against 18 certifications in pest control on the east, west, and gulf coasts.

We have so much passion for safe pest control because we have experienced great losses relying on the EPA to protect the public from its clients - toxic pesticide manufacturers. The current EPA is incompetent and cares little about the death of a child or the death of a mother or the death of your pet. The EPA cares little about the hundreds of gallons of dangerous contaminating toxic pesticides with which a pest control company will saturate your soil and the walls of your home. The EPA only cares about the million-dollar pesticide registration fees that companies like Monsanto® or Bayer® will pay to put their poisons on the market, on your food, and inside your home. The EPA has no concern whatsoever that you will breathe the toxic pesticide fumes inside your home or ingest the residue remaining on your fruits and vegetables. The less the EPA cares, the more we care.

This is why we have so much passion for safe pest control.

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