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Safety Facts on Pest Control
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AlwaysEco™ is turning the toxic pesticide industry into a safe all-natural pest control industry. We save lives every day and now, we will help your company save lives and protect human and animal health with our PCO's Go Green Package.

If you are a pest control operator with a successful operation, I guarantee that AlwaysEco™ could make your operation 100% more successful within a single season - guaranteed!

AlwaysEco™ is the first, oldest, and largest safe all-natural pest control firm and safe pesticides manufacturer in Texas and the United States. We are the most outspoken stewards of the environment and we save lives every day. Homeowners and businesses seek our unique trade secret products and services. If you spray toxic synthetic pesticides, then you are missing the true growth and meaning of the current era in pest control. The toxic pesticide manufacturers are losing the battle to poison every living creature on earth. Are you still using toxic pesticides when non-toxic options and custom botanicals will do the same job safely?

Why Go Green
Consumers demand safety, not faux truth about chrysanthemums or the old "dried it's safe" nonsense. Don't believe for one second that every drop of toxin you spray is not counting against you in the long run. Consumers are smarter, safer, and more environmentally aware than ever. The courts have shown the propensity to agree with consumers in matters of pesticide poisoning and negligence. Why even put yourself in that position when you could be saving lives and protecting children?

I could spend an inordinate amount of time dancing around the truth, but let's not. Read the testimonials and comments at our website. You will find a common thread. Our customers would never consider putting toxic pesticide garbage around their families or businesses ever again. If you use toxic pesticides, these are consumers that are far beyond your reach regardless of your reputation in the industry as a friendly, courteous toxin sprayer. It's now a matter of safe or unsafe… which are you - which do you want to be?

The Facts
  • Toxic synthetic pesticides are dangerous poisons regardless of how you apply them - period,
  • There is no safe way to apply an admittedly unsafe toxic pesticide,
  • These same toxic pesticides cause cancer and birth defects,
  • Avoiding disclosure because of the warnings on the label is fraud,
  • If a signal word appears on the label, you are liable forever,
  • There is no statute of limitations for pesticide poisoning,
  • Homeowners will cancel your service when they find out that you spray poison on their property and put their families at risk of pesticide-induced diseases
  • You are liable for any harm, even esoteric harm that occurs in the offspring of your customers,
  • Spraying toxic pesticides is considered an "ultra hazardous" activity by state law,
  • State law makes you liable even though state law permits you to spray the poison,
  • Toxic Pesticide Manufacturer's offer you up as a sacrifice to the public and claim that all harm is your fault, not the fault of the poison or themselves,
  • You are responsible for educating yourself on the dangers of the toxic pesticides and because of that responsibility; your legal liability is limitless for products that you should have never sprayed in the first place,
  • Neither the EPA, TDA, nor any toxic pesticide manufacturer will come to your defense when you find yourself in litigation for birth defects, ADHD, or Autism cases that can be traced back to your pesticide spraying activities years or even decades earlier,
  • Because of the warnings on the label and your professional licensure, you have no defense against pesticide-induced disease claims,

Our Green PCO Program
With the AlwaysEco™ Green PCO program, we teach you product formulations for safe all-natural pest control. The current generation of botanical pesticides lack the long-term control needed for commercial applications. Our products offer that and much more. Our formulations are scientifically proven and field approved safe pesticides with state labels. Our products kill bugs and provide incredible residual control without toxins.

Go from wasps to roach to fire ant control with just one product. With our products, you will never again rely on a single brand of toxins, nor will you need to carry 20 different harmful toxic pesticides on your truck.

We teach you our bed bug protocol that provides safe bed bug eradication without discarding furniture or mattresses. Other products cannot make this claim.

We provide you with our Green commercial and residential proposal packages that have no equal. More than 15 years of field use and thousands of successful closes make our proposal packages the most coveted in all of pest control.

You get our Green Dynamic Presentation™ for commercial entities. This is a goof proof tool that makes communicating with the largest corporate pest control prospects easier than talking to a neighbor. This is the most complete system in the whole industry.

You also get 1 full day with the CEO of AlwaysEco™. The CEO takes you step-by-step to converting your operation or least part of your operation to green, saving lives, and increasing customer loyalty. Normally, customers pay our $6,500 for a site visit.

As part of the AlwaysEco™ PCO Go Green program, you earn ECO Certified™ status. You become a complete green organization with backing by the greenest of all pest control companies in America today, AlwaysEco™ Safe All Natural Pest Control.

Lastly, we do termites too! We provide our non-toxic termite control program. Our termite system comes as a RTU or concentrate. Our non-toxic termite program cost homeowners less, does more to control termites than synthetic toxins, and lasts just as long without harmful residual poisons in the soil.

The AlwaysEco™ PCO Go Green package is $2,500. We accept all major credit cards and e-checks. We offer a 20% military discount. You pay a $1,500 non-refundable deposit at the time of your order (at least 5 days prior to your onsite visit). You pay the remaining balance upon our arrival at your location before training starts or material changes hands.

If you choose to forego the onsite training day, you may take $250 off the package price, but you must pay the amount in full before we send you the material. In all cases, you get 12-months of consultations at no additional cost.

Call AlwaysEco™ today and become a Green PCO.

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