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Synthetic pesticides contain a host of suspected and cancer causing toxins. Breast cancer, lymphoma, uterine cancer, eye cancer, lip cancer, stomach cancer, mouth cancer, and even skin cancer are all linked, some of them without doubt, to toxic synthetic pesticides. The major mode of action is endocrine disruption. Next, several synthetic toxic pesticides are know to cause an increase in estrogen levels in men and woman. This increase in estrogen may result in the early onset of puberty, breast in men, and breast cancer in men and women. The real problem is again disclosure. Click on the Pesticide Disease link and then click on "Cancer."

In the case of at least one of the so-called "inert" ingredients, the EPA new from mounds of its own research in cooperation with Harvard University that inorganic arsenic or "iAS" in pesticides causes lung cancer, bladder cancer, and skin cancer. The EPA continues to approve pesticides with the secret ingredient arsenic without disclosing this information to the public. How could any pest control company buy and spray synthetic toxins on your property and around your family?

The EPA wrote in its own unpublished 201 page report from 2005
      "While the database on arsenicals is extremely complicated, there are strong biological reasons to believe that human exposures to organic arsenicals may lead to a related pattern of cancer risks as does human exposure to iAs. Human exposure to iAs, MMAV, or DMAV will lead to tissue exposures to DMAIII (with iAs and MMAV also leading to tissue exposure to MMAIII). The methylated trivalent species, DMAIII and MMAIII, have recently been identified as the most toxic and genotoxic forms of arsenic in several assay systems. There is strong reason to anticipate that the human health effects of both inorganic and organic arsenicals are substantially dependent on the production of these metabolites.

As stated in other writings on this website, the lack of disclosure starts at the top with the EPA and pesticide manufacturers and filters down to the pest control company that dispatches a so-called technician to your home to contaminate your home and poison your land, structure, and potentially your family with the worst, most dangerous, lethal toxic synthetic pesticides in the history of chemical manufacturing. There is a better safer way... Schedule your safe service today by clicking on the link below. We guarantee that your family will be safe from toxins and pests.

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