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Synthetic Toxins & Their Carcinogenicity

There are always two sides to every story… except in the case of toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides. Toxic pesticides may very well represent the first one-sided story in human history. These chemicals have killed people, continue to kill people, many cause cancer, they contaminate every inch of earth, and nature continues to produce a wide variety of insects that are little effected by the toxins, develop immunities, and survive the very poison designed to kill them, while man suffers irreparable damage to health, food, water, and environment. The manufacturers of these deadly products profit beyond all reasonable measures and then fund or create organizations that half-heartedly seek cures for cancer. The so-called insecticidal benefits of these perpetual poisons are merely Pyrrhic victories against nature at best. Nature fought back and now our children pay the severest of prices for the chemists' God play. Consequently, there is only one side to the toxic pesticide tale - CAUTION, WARNING, DANGER, POISON!

For your reference, we have included some specimen labels for the most common toxins used by typical pest control companies when spraying your house. This list will grow as time permits. Review the labels, note the active ingredient and compare that ingredient to the carcinogen chart at the bottom of the page. Also note the inert ingredients and the sheer failure to disclose. I frequently ask my clients this; "If you went to the grocery store to purchase a gallon of milk and on the label it read (2% milk - 98% you figure it out), would you purchase or drink that milk? Would you allow your children to ingest it?" That analogy holds true with pesticides. If the EPA were to adopt the model of the FDA and require toxin making pesticide companies to disclose all ingredients and give warnings about the dangers to human health, that would signal the end of toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides in America. After learning of the real human hazards of synthetic pesticides, why would anyone allow someone else to douse their home, land, and belongings with toxic chemical pesticides for which up to 99% of the ingredients in some cases are kept a morbid secret?

The active ingredient may or may not be a carcinogen or suspected carcinogen or a suspected endocrine disrupter reviewed by the EPA, but it is the synergist and the inert ingredients that do the real damage to your health. The inert or "trade-secret" ingredients make the active ingredient deadlier, more persistant, and in many proven cases, cancer causing. Again, do the comparison for yourself. What you find may shock you. We have included the product label from the most purchased home-use toxic insectide as well. This particular product requires special mentioning because it is the top selling home use product on the market today, many of our customers have this product in their garages, none of our customers realize that the active ingredient "Bifenthrin" is a suspected cancer causing agent. Reference: "EPA weight-of-evidence category, "possible human carcinogen." US EPA, 2004. Office of Pesticide Programs. List of Chemicals Evaluated for Carcinogenic Potential. July 29, 2004."

Several of the products listed below have "tough" sounding, testosterone enriched, real macho names that attract pest control operators like moths to flames. Read the pesticide names below to yourself and you will start to get a better understanding of the clear and present dangers these products pose to human health from both the unchecked advertising perspective and the physical dangers from the ingredients, combined with the repeated spraying, dousing, misting, pouring, and granularizing by pest control companies on homes, lands, and schools.

Factual Statement With Supporting Documentation & Photographs: Recently, a new client told us that he asked his pest control company what they had been spraying on his property and around his family. He was amazed to discover that no one at that company had any idea of what they had sprayed inside his home and around his small children. The receptionist didn't know, the apprentice didn't know - literally no one knew or perhaps refused to confess. Needless to say, he canceled with that company and AlwaysEco put the family on an Eco-Estate™ program with whole house decontamination. Further, during our inspection of that home, we noted gargantuan globs of toxic poisonous powders haphazardly blanketing the customers' attic. From our visual inspection of the substance, we determined that the product was Delta® Dust and that the previous pest control company had applied it carelessly, negligently, and recklessly in flagrant disregard for the health and safety of the homeowners and their children. It was so bad that the customer was unable to go into the attic without touching the globs of poisonous powders at the top of the stairs. It took us more than an hour to decontaminate the attic alone. Then, we noted the same poisonous powders under sinks and near pots and pans. We won't mention the name of the company here, but shame on you for the dangerous situation you created for that family and their toddlers.
End of Factual Statement

Ask your existing pest control company if they use any of these products now, or if they have ever used any of these products on your property or inside your home. If they say no, ask for written proof or ask for the pesticide reports. After you get your answer, please call us for immediate assistance.

Usual and Common Toxic Synthetic Poisons
Most Pest Control Companies in Texas Use
to Spray Homes, Schools, and Businesses

Click on the product name to open the ".pdf" specimen label

  • Suspend®
  • Ortho Home Defense Max®
  • Phantom® Insecticide
  • Premise®
  • Delta Dust®
  • DeltaGard®
  • Termidor SC®
  • TopChoice®
  • Demon®
  • Talstar® Professional
  • Stingray ®
  • Tempo SC Ultra®
  • Brigade®
  • Capture®
  • Scourge®
  • Anvil®
  • Esfenvalerate®
  • Cynoff® EC
  • Pounce®
  • Dragnet®

  • Many pyrethroids have been linked to endocrine disruption and breast cancer. The chart below outlines some of the toxic active and/or inert ingredients in synthetic pesticides that have adverse affects on human health. Compare the active ingredient found on the specimen labels above to the chemical found in the first column to the toxic effects in the third column.

    Chemical group


    Toxic effects




    (halogenated hydrocarbons)

    DDT, lindane, dieldrin, chlordane

    Carcinogenic, hormonal agonists, neurotoxic


    Parathion, chlorpyrifos, Malathion

    Neurotoxic, dermatotoxic



    Neurotoxic, dermatotoxic


    Cyfluthrin, *Permethrin, Fenvalerate, *Cypermethrin, *Bifenthrin, Deltamethrin, Resmethrin, Sumithrin, *Tetramethrin, Phenothrin

    Possibly immunotoxic and neurotoxic, hormonal agonists, antagonist,

    *Possible Carcinogen





    Paraquat, diquat

    Pulmonary fibrosis


    Atrazine, alachlor


    How can we help you reduce the risks?
    1. Help you terminate your existing pest control company if they have ever sprayed a single drop of toxin on your property;

    2. If you do not have a pest control company, refrain from spraying any pesticides yourself - we offer emergency services at no additonal cost;

    3. Have us decontaminate as much of your home as possible and remove as much toxic pesticide residue as possible;

    4. Let us care for your pest control needs and keep unsanitary disease-causing insects away from you, your baby, and your family with our all-natural, non-toxic products that are "Safe Around Children and Pets;"

    5. Let us give you a license to re-print our website and share it with your friends and family;

    6. Do not purchase or handle synthetic pesticides for any reason;

    7. If a member of your family handles synthetic pesticides, be certain to refrain from contact with their clothes and have them wash their own clothes at high temperature with a detergent containing colloidal silver, a non-toxic anti-microbial, and separate from any of your garments;

    8. If you have synthetic pesticides in your home or garage, let us remove them and dispose of them for you. Do not touch or handle them yourself.

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