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Domestic animals are equally affected by pesticides due to their higher metabolisms.Pets exhibit signs of pesticide poisoning sooner than humans do, but at pace with an infant or toddler. Like infants or toddlers, our pets use their mouths to experience the world around them. Ingestion of pesticides is second only to dermal contact with pesticides as far as routes into the body are concerned. Toxic synthetic pesticides could easily contaminate your pets' food, whether or not the pesticide is dry.

Flea drops and flea and tick sprays are dangerous toxins to your pets too. In the case of flea drops, pesticide manufacturers encourage you to poison the blood of your pet just to poison a flea that may bite your pet. Toxin makers fail to disclose that once the poison enters your pet, the poison remains inside your pet for the remainder of your pets' life causing unknown damage to the liver. As pet parents and horse owners, the mere thought of poisoning a member of our family is unconscionable. For a maker of toxic pesticides to even suggest that we poison our loyal friends amounts to cruelty to animals in my opinion.

AlwaysEco helps protect your beloved pets from needless exposure to toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides. We exclusively use products that are "Safe Around Children And Pets." All of our products are made from plant and tree oils that have no adverse effect on mammals, fish, birds, or water. With our service, we never expose your pet or any other living creature to toxic synthetic pesticides.

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