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Safety Facts on Pest Control
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AlwaysEco™ recognizes your desire to control and eliminate insect infestations without harming your family, pets, or the environment. That is why all of our products are "Safe Around Children, Pets, & Environment." You can rely on our expertise and commitment to safety. AlwaysEco™ controls all the same insect and rodent pests without toxic synthetic poisonous pesticides.

Most pest control companies rely on poisonous pesticides that are notorious "Hazards to Humans and Domestic Animals." AlwaysEco™ is different… we have never purchased, stored, or used a synthetic poison under our license.

Complete Service
  • We provide a detailed inspection before any treatment.
  • We treat the entire exterior of your home
  • We treat the lawn, shrubs and trees
  • We treat the entire interior to include kitchen, bath, and laundry areas
  • We treat all baseboards
  • We remove spider webs inside and outside your home
  • Our packages include bed bugs and wasps
  • We can decontaminate your home or building as needed or requested

We are serious about safe pest control. Our pest control license is more than just a piece of paper; it is an authoritative document that informs consumers that we know, or should know, what we are doing. Along with that authority comes great responsibility. We are responsible for your safety and well-being and hold that responsibility sacred. Therefore, we would never risk your family or the environment by dumping toxic pesticides in or around your home and in places where your children and pets frequent. We will never bring a toxin onto your property - ever.

Child Safety
Our children trust us blindly. Our shortcomings mean nothing to them; our lack of wealth or pedigree is inconsequential. By the same measure, we owe them blind loyalty and protection while we care for them and raise them to adulthood. When some pest control technician, regardless of how personable or friendly or the big smile, sprays toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides inside our homes without full legal and medical disclosure, by my standards, he or she has ostensibly breached the trust and loyalty we have to our own children. Just like many of us were fortunate enough to have children and experience the joy, wonders, and occasional headaches of family life in the post DDT America, so to our children should have that joy… or at least the choice. Pest control companies that spray those atrocious odorless, colorless potions mitigate that joy and steal away their choices drop by vile drop from a shiny silver canister.

At AlwaysEco, we will not let that happen to your family or any other family within our reach. Every product we use is labeled "Safe Around Children And Pets." We have never used a single toxin under our pest control license and we never will. When we visit your home, we are toxin free, ready to solve and prevent problems, and every part of our service is non-toxic and safe around children and pets.

Complete Service Calls
With AlwaysEco All Natural Pest Control, you get two Eco-Technicians or Environmental Stewards to provide your service for less than the price of just one technician from other companies. Our stewards and technicians are well read, licensed bonded and insured, accountable to each other, you, and AlwaysEco™ for their performance, committed to protecting your family, and uncompromising in their duties. Our Eco-Technicians and Environmental Stewards stay until the job is done right. Thus, we guarantee your complete satisfaction, no questions asked.

At AlwaysEco™ we never charge by the insect. If the insect appears on our label (except for termite), then we treat for that insect. Although different insects have different life cycles, we know how and when to control them with our products.

We devote up to 8 hours on your initial inspections and treatment and no less than 45 minutes for each service. Compared to other pest control companies that may stick around for about 45 minutes on an initial service and about 15 minutes on your scheduled service... it's impossible to inspect and do a "Safe" job in such limited time... impossible.

Basic Package:
  • Interior and Exterior Inspection
  • Interior and Exterior Treatment
  • Service covers: ants, bed bugs, fleas, mice, rats, roaches, silverfish, ticks, wasps

We pay special attention to your attic, crawl space, garage, closets, and utility rooms; we seek out Black Widow and Brown Recluse spiders and kill them on sight. We look for signs of leaking pipes, water damage, mold, rot, mildew, and wood damage. We find insect and rodent access points and seal them when practical or bring them to your attention. We identify harborage areas for insects and rodents and report those findings to you. Our General Household Pest Inspections are the most thorough in Texas and most likely the entire industry.

After your technicians complete both inspections, they inform you of the findings and proceed with the interior and exterior treatment phase. At the end of the treatment phase, you are free to check the quality of the work. In fact, we encourage you to watch us work and ask lots and lots of questions. We want you to experience the knowledge and expertise of your stewards and technicians.

  • Unparalleled measure of safety for your family,
  • No toxic residue left behind,
  • No pesticide exposure issues,
  • Quick knockdown and long-term control,
  • We are licensed, bonded, insured and certified,
  • All of our products are labeled "Safe Around Children And Pets",
  • You get one Free non-toxic interior fumigation,
  • You get a written 10-Point Service Guarantee,

Canceling Existing Service
If you currently have a toxin-spraying pest control company that sprays poisons in or around your home or business, we will cancel them for you. Our CEO issues a Cease And Desist demand to stop further contamination of your home or business. You will not owe penalties or early termination fees to the other company and your family and patrons will thank you.

Contact us today and schedule your safe all-natural pest control service.

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