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Why allow pest control companies to dump 100's of gallons of synthetic poisons around your home. We control termites with our trade-secret non-toxic termite program. Our program costs less and our products last longer without harmful side effects. Our product TermaSAFE is safe to use around children, elderly, pets, water, wildlife, fish and birds. There are no chemicals in TermaSAFE.

Our termite treatment program is detailed, cost effective, and Safe Around Children And Pets. Our products will not contaminate your soil or your home.

Because home insurers do not cover termite damage, homeowners spend an estimated $5 billion each year, out of their pockets, to repair these problems. When left untreated, termites have the longest life span of any household pest, with individuals living up to 15 years under favorable conditions, and entire colonies living in homes for even longer. In this time, they may feed on the wood of home structures until little is left but non-supportive remnants, leaving a house that may be physically weakened and exorbitantly costly to repair.

Among the nearly 2,800 species, the most common termite found in the US is the subterranean variety � named for its building of underground nests. This species can be extremely destructive because it tunnels its way through wood (such as the wooden frames of homes) to obtain food. While these insects can be found in every state except Alaska, they are a universal threat in warmer, more humid regions, including the Southeast and lower West Coast of the United States.

Integrated Pest Management

We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Inspect - we gather information about your home such as size, location, environmental factors
  • Prescribe - if we find a problem area, we inform you of our written strategy to address problems
  • Communicate - we give you a written recommendation
  • Treat - should you agree, we provide our non-toxic termite program
  • Follow-up - we monitor the success of our program to keep your home free of termite activity

Property Inspection
During our inspection, we look for pest harborages, entry points (slab penetrations, pipes, foundation voids, wires, guidelines, sewers, drains, etc), food and water. We identify evidence of infestations (swarmers, damage, frass, dead pests, etc.). Our inspection may reveal the conditions conducive for pests.

Certain conditions are conductive for Termite Infestations

  • Wood-to-ground contact
  • Excessive moisture (always critical!), including leaky pipes and faucets, poorly sealed drains and water damage of any kind
  • Insufficient clearance in a crawl space
  • Poorly ventilated or excessively wet crawl spaces
  • Expansion joints or cracks in a foundation slab
  • Poor door or window seals
  • Excessive storage conditions
  • Unsealed weep holes
  • Cracks or spaces in the veneer
  • Hollow porch roof supports with unsealed brick bottoms
  • Dirt back-filled porches
  • Trees, shrubs, plants, and mulch - in contact with the building or blocking visibility of the foundation
  • Firewood near or against the structure
  • Soil sloping toward the building (poor drainage)
  • Gutters clogged with debris
  • Debris on the roof
  • Decks adjacent to the structure
  • Excessive moisture from air conditioning drip lines
  • Dripping lawn and garden hoses or spigots

After the inspection, we present the documented items to you and a plan to alleviate the conducive conditions.

With our service, we provide a detailed annual inspection to help prevent damage or reveal wood-destroying insect infestations early - before they cause excessive damage. Call us immediately and make sure your property is placed on an annual inspection schedule. Working closely with AlwaysEco Termite Division we can protect your property from wood-destroying pests!

North Carolina State University, Department of Entomology - North Carolina Cooperative Extension

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