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A backyard picnic is easily ruined by the constant drone of wasps in search of food and sugar. Wasp will sting when brushed away from food and when you disturb their nests. Because wasps can sting repeatedly, they pose an extra special hazard on residential properties with children and outdoor pets. We remove wasps from your home safely. We warranty our work for the full season. After we remove the wasps, we thoroughly treat surrounding areas on your trees, fence or structure to ensure that your home seems less inviting to the next wave of uninvited guests. We have serviced many homes in the Austin area and we have been attacked numerous times by the unseen hornets. We have removed mud daubers, yellow jackets, hornets, and red paper wasps all from the same house in the same day. We never recommend that you use water or over-the-counter products to kill wasps. You may only dispurse the hordes.Wasps tend to flank attackers - so be very careful if you try to do it yourself. If you run out of product while spraying the wasps, they will attack you.

What we find in many cases is that the neighbors have a serious wasp problem too. Fortunately, terminating a nest on your property does not agitate wasps on your neighbor's house. Wasp are only social to the degree that they share the same nest. Even then, a queen will evict other females after construction of the nest. Thus, other nests compete for food and prime locations. This behavior apparently leads to the lack of concern about other nests that we terminate. We recommend that you contact your immediate neighbors and ask them to let us remove their wasps as well. We offer neighbor discounts since we are already onsite. That way, we keep larger sections of neighborhoods clear of nuisance wasp pests; families may enjoy their yards year round.

Make the call. We arrive ready to tackle any size wasp nest and we have terminated many nests that are larger than a football. Any size nest on any size house suits us just fine. Our products are "Safe Around Children And Pets," provide immediate knockdown and long-term residual effects. After we terminate a nest and remove the cell, we thoroughly treat the entire area to deter re-nesting and provide residual retirements to returning wasps. Deterrence treatments alone would cost you hundreds of dollars in over-the-counter synthetic toxins. Let us help keep your family safe from nesting wasps on your property and from awful pesticides at the same time. Call the non-toxic wasp experts today!

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