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Birds, fish, and wildlife give meaning and color to our environment. They play important roles in the environment from controlling populations of nuisance animals to providing food for game hunting. When wildlife is threatened by devises of chemistry and bad ideas, it affects everyone on earth.

Our symbiotic relationship with wildlife cannot be understated or underestimated. Yet, pesticide manufacturers created products that, in the late 1950's, all but wiped out entire populations of birds and today pose secondary poisoning dangers to animals that sustain on other animals poisoned by synthetic toxins. However, humans are still part of that chain and not immune to the toxicological threat. When a pest control company sprays synthetic toxins on the exterior of your home or on your lawn, or a farmer sprays toxins on his crops, the pesticide leaches into the soil and ultimately finds its way into groundwater. In many known instances, the pesticide ran-off into streams, lakes, and creeks directly or as the result of being washed into the waterway by rain. Plankton and other microscopic creatures filter the water for food, small fish eat the plankton and man or a bird or another fish eats the smaller fish. Another predator may eat the bird, its waste products fertilize plants, a deer may eat the plant and a human may eat the deer. The symbiotic relationship existed prior to the pesticides and continues despite the pesticides, but the difference is that now, every organism in the chain has been poisoned to some extent. As this cycle repeated itself over months, years, and decades, the inevitable result was that, according to Rachel Carson in the book "Silent Spring" 1962; pesticide residue could be found in the breast milk of nearly every lactating mother on earth. At the time of publishing in 1962, about 200 million pounds of pesticides showered down on U.S. soil. Today, more than 1 billion pounds of toxic synthetic pesticides poison every living creature in our country. No living organism is spared its proportion of poison. Whether by air, soil, water, plant, or ingestion of another animal, the toxin makers ensure that everyone "takes his or her or its medicine" in the now well-defined poisoning-for-profit scheme. I question however if the makers of the toxic synthetic poisons use their own products on their own families.

For us to protect wildlife and thereby preserve our own existence, we must demand the end of synthetic toxins - especially when botanical products are so abundant, equally as effective at controlling nuisance insect pests, economically feasible, and inherently safe.

We are making our best effort to do our part. Informing you and providing you with services that do not contaminate the environment in a professionally licensed capacity is an industry first. However, like all pioneers, we get the proverbial arrows in the back. Nevertheless, we remain undeterred and passionate about our mission.

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